UV GERM Cuddle Bug


A great aid to demonstrating cross-contamination in action. Available in: UV Green, UV Red and UV Blue.


Too cute for it’s own good, the new UV GERM Cuddle-Bug almost demands to be picked-up or stroked…

…But as soon as you do, your hands will be discreetly coated with an invisible layer of UV GERM Training Powder; harmless microscopic particles which simulate microbial contamination and cross-contamination.  Place a ‘prepared’ Cuddle-Bug somewhere in the Training Room, Kitchenette or Washroom and wait as curious attendees pick her up and inadvertently ‘touch-contaminate’ themselves; their colleagues and their surroundings. Later in the session, use a UV Forensic Torch or Checkpoint Lamp to reveal the truth, as the full extent of the contamination becomes clear to see, and all from a single source! That innocent, cute looking Cuddle-Bug.

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UV Colour

green, blue, red, Class Pack

How to use

1 .Place cuddle-bug in the clear poly-bag and using the small scoop (supplied) add one level scoop of Powder into the bag.

2. Seal the bag and shake vigorously to impregnate the fur of the Cuddle-Bug.

3. Remove the Cuddle-bug and place in position.

After training session, place the Cuddle Bug into the poly-bag and seal ready for the next session.

Depending on the amount of use, the Cuddle Bug should only require re-powdering occasionally.

Please Note:  The Cuddle Bug should NOT be thrown, only passed hand-to-hand or left in situ.

Important Information

Requires a UV Light source (Not supplied) to activate UV GERM Powder.

Additional UV GERM Training Powder may be ordered on our web site.

Available in: UV Green, UV Red and UV Blue

Please Note:  The Cuddle Bug should NOT be thrown, only passed hand-to-hand or left in situ.

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Customer Advisory

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